Friday, November 17, 2006

Stamp Camp Preparation

So sunday is my brave attempt to be a Super Stamp Demo! I will be teaching 6 willing indivials to craft 15 different cards in 5 hours how fun is that ? Brave most say. Well I have spent close to a week figuring out the exacts and getting my so called example card crafted and I beleive I am a genius! jj! I have one more card to make and I am just stuck!This card has to be my favorite card of them all! He is good old frosty with my 1st attempt at embossing with a snow globe belly! Of coarse filled with blue hair gel and a touch of glitter! The stamp world will sleep a little better tonight knowing shana has embossed! Well My challange to myself and all of you out there is to sit down and make a list of the things you want to learn to do and make an attempt each week to try to learn a new talent! This week after my camp is said and done I will be making an attempt to learn a new technique on my own! so this week I am taking a waterfall card challange , will let you know and post a picture once I have followed through!

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